Do Not Fear! I Am Here!

Where have I been the past two weeks? Let's see... Rome, Croatia, Athens, Olympia, Sicily, and Turkey. And Corfu. (Even though I didn't get off the boat to go.) Which brings me to WHY I was gone on the Eastern Mediterranean. I was on a cruise. There. I said it. HAPPY? Of course you aren't. Was it for a special occasion? A little. Was it so that I could experience culture? I dunno. Was it 'cause I have the greatest grandparents in the world? Well, DUH! I liked Athens best. It was AWESOME. Okay! Bye!


Hi. I'm going to tell you about books. Wanna know why? 'CAUSE I LIKE BOOKS. You got a problem with that?

I like fiction books. Books with things that are impossible, like magic, monsters, and way too many near-death experiences. (Well, I bet lots of people have near death experiences.) But anyway, they're still cool. Oh. And don't forget humor. LOTS and LOTS of humor.

I also like recommending books. But when people recommend books to me, all I need to know is a little about the book. Then I read it. And I love it.

What do you like to read?

I Quit!

That's right, you heard me. I'm quitting Entrecard. Here's a hint: Get me off your favorites NOW. Otherwise, you can't delete me. I'm serious.


Hey-- stop laughing!


Did Great, Feel Great.

Yup, that's how I am. I did great in the 5k. My time was 42 minutes, 20 seconds. I ran with my friend, who I will call "Enchilada". (Don't ask-- it's an inside joke. You wouldn't get it.)

Her sister ran WAY ahead of me, Enchilada, and Enchilada's mom. She got 3rd place in girls, 14 and under. At the end, I ran WAY far ahead of Enchilada and her mom and sprinted past the finish line.


Please Donate

Update 6/5/09: It's about time! I'm going to bring the cans in SOON!
Update 2/14/09: Happy Valentine's Day! I'm still saving up the cans.

Update 12/31/08: If you'd like to see the website, Heifer International is running on my Adsense.

Update 12/29/08: When I find a place to crush cans, I'll start that. But if by this way I raise enough, I'll buy a water buffalo. Maybe a water buffalo and some other animals.

Have you seen the widget I've put up? It's right on top. I'm raising $250. (I'm not gonna get it all from people who donate, no. I'm also recycling cans for money.) Anyway, I'm gonna get $250, then donate it to the Heifer Project, and buy a water buffalo. If you don't know what the Heifer Project is, it's basically a group that gets animals to help needy people. A water buffalo does a lot of things. (It's not for me. I've got Voldemort.) You can donate through the blue widget. Click it, and enter how much you want to pay through PayPal.


Yes, another 5k. This one is not Girls on the Run. (Such a shame.) It is called "Run for the Stars".

This will be fun. I'll keep you posted.