In Which I Take You On A Field Trip

Helloooooo there Blogoverse! Long time, no type. Sorry I've been AWOL, I have a hard time finding a time to do everything I want to do.

I don't really have much to talk about. Two weeks ago we had exams in science, and today we had exams in history. I think I did fine, I hope I did. I wouldn't be able to stand it if another A- in history kept me from straight-A's.

I really have been busy. I am back in choir, which is so so so much fun. I am in the middle school play, which is two different one-act comedies. I like my part. I think my character and I have some of the same qualities, except that I'm not a double agent, or possibly a robot. But those are just minor details. The play is really fun, and I think it will be pretty good.

I still like my school, but there are still some aspects about it that I don't like very much. We have absolutely zero freedom. We barely get to pick where we sit at lunch.

But anyway, today we are going to take a field trip. Where are we going? Did I hear someone ask that? Was it you? I'll tell you where we're going. We are going to take a field trip through my train of thought. It is an interesting thing, and I can get from one topic to another like *that*!

Are you ready? Please keep all hands in feet inside the vehicle at all times, and we're off! Welcome to Cupcake's train of thought!

I shouldn't be hitting my head on the wall.
Why am I thinking about hamburgers?
Where is that music coming from? Is there an ice cream truck?
Ooh, I like ice cream. Maybe some ice cream would wake me up.
My thumbs look weird.
I'm really tired. I hope that didn't affect my history exam.
When will he grade my exam? I want it back NOW!
Wow, I am super tired. I should take a nap.
Nah, I'm not going to nap. I have choir in an hour. Maybe I should practice my music once more.
Gosh, who knew a song about a happy place could be so depressing?
How did I get to thinking about Wreck-It Ralph?
What just crashed into our window? 

Thank you for riding Cupcake Railways. I hope you enjoyed your ride through the train of thought, and I hope you will come back to see us again.

Anyway, bye! Come back soon! Oh, and happy Valentine's Day! Here's a little picture you might enjoy.

The Real TMNT