Ermahgerd, Internet! It's me! Hi!

I thought I would catch you up on how my life is going. Um, let's see. Did I mention Big Pain is driving? Oh yeah.  He got his permit in August.

Ermahgerd, sterdent drerving!

Also, last week I talked to a couple who has won three Tony Awards.  They let me hold one.

Ermahgerd, Terny Erwerds!

I also went tree climbing with my brother. We tied ourselves on to ropes and then hoisted ourselves up into the trees.

Ermahgerd, trer clermbing!

I hope my blog post has helped you have an excellent day.  Just remember, ERMAHGERD!

Did You Miss Me?

Howdy Blogoverse! Did you miss me?

I can't believe I waited so long to write another post.  I mapped the world by memory.  I went on my sixth grade's spring camping trip.  I graduated my elementary school at a very fun, tearful ceremony and party. I spent 4 weeks at sleepaway camp for my best summer ever. I went to Wisconsin for a week with my choir.  I started seventh grade on what I determined to be the single most terrifying moment of my life. I started preparing for my Bat Mitzvah and am almost finished learning my Torah portion.  And now here I am.

School is great.  I love most of my classes, and I'm doing really well in Vocal Music. I auditioned to join a national honor choir. I don't find out if I got in until November.

So, if people are still reading my blog, what's new in your life?