Big Kisses

Here is the latest in Cupcake Communiques:

Three letters received on the same day: one to Boppo (grandfather), one to Mawmaw (grandmother), and one to me (much admired and beloved Mother), each containing some variation on the same message, to wit:

"I cut my thumb. It hurts. I wish you were here to kiss it."

Well, here you go, Cupcake:



While Cupcake's Away

Hello Friends of Cupcake! This is Cupcake's mother updating you because Cupcake's away at camp for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. She left on Sunday and today I got two letters from her in the same envelope. Man, they keep busy there, what with swimming tests, gardening, rock climbing, arts and crafts and S'Moring. Cupcake tells me there are two lambs at the farm; wonder if she can sneak one home in her suitcase. I'd love a pet lamb, wouldn't you?

Okay, let's all talk amongst ourselves about how much we miss Cupcake. I'll start.

I miss Cupcake THIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS much. Maybe even more.

Now it's your turn.



At the moment this is posted, my plane (if it's running on schedule) it taking off. Don't be sad, my absence is temporary. My darling mother will keep you posted. Au revoir, Internet!

'Til we meet again,


Pinch Hitter


Great. This is Cupcake's mom and I've been very graciously asked to update Cupcake's blog periodically while she and her brother are away at camp. It's a real honor to be invited to stand in for such an outstanding blogger and I hope I'm up to the task. If anyone has any questions or comments please, don't be shy, and I'll do my best to answer them, or wait until Cupcake returns in August. K?

So. How'm I doing?


As my returning audience most likely knows, I leave for camp in a week.

I will be spending not one, not two, not four, but EIGHT weeks in Minnesota!

I have never gone away to camp for eight weeks before. To keep you coming back, my darling mother will be posting with news from me and what she has to say.

I'm really excited to be going to camp. I'm going for my third year, and I get to be a big sister for the first time! A big sister is matched up with a little sister to mentor. The little sister is a first year camper. (Although sometimes the little sister is older than the big sister-- that happened to my brother and one of his little brothers.) My job is to make sure my sister feels comfortable at camp. I can say, from experience, it helps a lot. When I got off the bus at camp my first year, the only people I knew were my big sister and my cousin, Moo.

But we don't spend the whole time in the wilderness among the mosquitoes and loons. Every Thursday we pack up our backpacks and get on a bus to for an Adventure Day. We do all sorts of cool stuff on Adventure Day- we go to the beach, Lake Itasca, a science center, and I think we even go to a pool. (On one of the trips, we go to Dairy Queen! the first time I ever had Dairy Queen was when I went on that trip, and guess what? I didn't like it!)

Camp is pretty cozy considering where we are. our cabins are really nice-- they even have bathrooms! We have really good food, too. Everyone says that girls camp food is waaaaaaay better than boys camp food, even my own brother!

I can't wait to go!


PS: This is my 321st post! Unbelievable, right? Well, BELIEVE IT!


I've been working on the summer homework, and I've made pretty good progress.  One of my assignments is that I need to read 3 books and write a summary and a commentary for each one.  I finished one today.  It's on The Penderwicks at Point Mouette.  If you're interested, read on.  If you're not, too bad.  Just keep reading.  Please.

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

Written by Jeanne Birdsall


    In The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, the four Penderwick sisters are going apart for the first time.  Their father is in England with his new wife, and Rosalind is going to New Jersey, leaving Skye in charge.  Everyone doubts Skye’s capability of being the Oldest Available Penderwick. (OAP)  With Jane in a romantic daze, especially after meeting Dominic, and Batty with her newly discovered musical talent, the two weeks at Point Mouette are quite an adventure.


    Whenever I read a Penderwicks book, I fear it will be the last.   I treasure and adore them.  This book was no different.  I love connecting with the characters.  I relate to Rosalind’s maturity, Jane’s love of writing, Batty’s wildness.  Skye’s blonde hair and love for being organized I don’t share.  I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a comfortable, fun, and exciting book to sit down with.

So, what did you think of it?  If you have any (positive) comments on it?  If you do, you can click the box below this post that lets you comment and tell me what you think.

And for those who didn't want to continue reading, how do you feel about it now?



Today I wrote a poem.


Written by the Cupcake

Twinkle twinkle, 3 month long summer
Summah summah, doodly doo
How I wonder how I ever survived school without summer
Summah summah, doodly dee
Up above my head so high
Summah summah, doodly da
Like a diamond, so precious
Summah summah, doodly do
Twinkle twinkle, 3 month long summer
Summah summah, doodly day
How I wonder how I ever survived school without summer
Summah, summah, SUMMAH!

Okay, so I didn't really write that poem.  I just thought of it off the top of my head.  It's all improv.

But anyway, I wrote it. And it's sort of a poem/song/thing/pickle/sandwich.

Au revoir!!!