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This is cool!

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I'm Excited...

...because this post is breaking my monthly post record! Isn't that great?

Okay, bye!

Follow Up:

Pie is good.

Very Important News:

I like pie.

Thank you.

Home Sweet Home!

Yes, if you guessed what I think you guessed, you were correct. I flew in from London last night! Boy, are my arms tired. I got lots of stuff. For Big Pain, Big Pain II, and Nick Jonas Guy, we got T-Shirts from Harrods. Yes, I went to Harrods. I also saw The Sound of Music. I thought they kept calling the uncle, Her Dead Father, when it really was, Herr Detweiler. So then, I saw Wicked, and so when Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) found out from her sister that their father had died, Hold The Glass turned to me and said, "Her Dead Father".

I'll tell you more about my adventures in London another time, because I'm a bit hungry.

Have You Read...

Because I just did. It's a good book. I borrowed it from a friend of mine.

Want to hear a dramaticish description I made up? Okay. Here.

"Enter the world of the Penderwicks. The father, and his four daughters. Rosalind, the oldest, Skye, the bad-tempered one, Jane, the dramatic one, and Batty, the youngest and sometimes craziest one. See how Batty makes friends with the next-door-neighbor, how Skye and Jane swap homework, only to lead up to a fiasco, and Rosalind runs in to trouble that's only too common for her age in books. But the father has a problem that gets them all: He's got to start dating again. This can only mean one, oops, I mean two words: Uh-oh. Wait. Is "uh-oh" two words?"

So. What did you think? Was it good?

Okay, well, this was the sequel to The Penderwicks.

I read it last summer. It's just as fun. I think my favorite part was when Skye tried to make cookies. And notice I said "tried". She set them on broil. She went upstairs and worked in a math book. After about an hour, she smelled smoke. She went downstairs and found out she nearly burnt down the house.

Well, there's my opinion on the Penderwicks. Check it out!

PS: I'm going to London tomorrow!


I'm going to London for my supposed-to-be-9-year-old-trip. I'm not even going to be 8 and a half.

Yay me.

Okay. I'll tell you what a 9-year-old-trip is.

When Girl Cousin (my oldest cousin) was little, she told Hold The Glass (my grandma) and Mr. Coffee (my grandpa) "You're always out of town. I want to go with you." Hold The Glass said "Oh, don't worry. We'll take you to Paris."

That was the start of the 9-year-old-trips.

The middle cousin, (hereafter known as Mr. Tall, because I say so,) went to Alaska.

Youngest cousin: (now Big Pain II) anyway: London.

Big Pain: San Fransisco.

I'm the last one. Okay! Drive careful! Bye!

Happy Fathers Day!

Okay, Funny.

Isn't this funny? Ha, ha...

Ms. Witty (aka my mom) at the FeeFiFoto Blog posted it. See? Here's where she found it.

Voldemort Is Two!

Oops! Wait, wrong one...

Like it? I made it. Anyways...

Happy birthday Voldemort!

PS: Look at this. Stop it when you get bored.

Wordless Wednesday: Don't Play With Your Food!

I made a face on my water glass with spaghetti. See? Eyes, mustache, mouth!

Hey! Look!

I'm running on The FeeFiFoto Blog. (It's Ms. Witty's blog.)

I'm serious.

See me!

50th Post Celebration!

Yayyy! This is my 50th post. I just thought I'd celebrate with my fans.

Thank you so much! I couldn't have done it without you all encouraging me to keep it up. You're awesome.

I'm so happy.

Yay me.

I'm tickled.

You're amazing.




Bedtime Already?

Well? Doesn't the title tell you something? LEAVE ME ALONE. I feel like going to bed now, mom.

Now get away!


Get outta here!

Au revoir!



I need my beauty sleep.

5 Reasons To Love Other People Besides Hannah Montana. (I Mean Like Selena Gomez.)

Okay, ummmmmm. Here's 5 reasons to love Selena Gomez:

  1. She plays Hannah Montana's rival, Mikayla.
  2. She plays Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place.
  3. She sings really well.
  4. She's on an episode of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
And, here's the 5th reason folks:

5. Smiley loves Selena Gomez.

Thank you. I hope you feel a bit more open to other stars now. Drive careful now. Bye.

5 Reasons To Love Other People Besides Hannah Montana. (I Mean Like The Jonas Brothers.)

These are the Jonas Brothers: Kevin, Joe, and Nick.

Okie dokie folks. 5 reasons to love the Jonas Brothers:

  1. Wynner loves Joe.
  2. My cousin looks like Nick.
  3. They have their own TV show called Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream.
  4. Their song, SOS, is awesome.
And last, but best, here's number five:

5. The Jonas Brothers are in the new movie, Camp Rock! Yayyyyyyy!

See? It's not all about Hannah Montana!

Wordless Wednesday: Now Voldemort Needs A Bathrobe And Pajamas Too!

Sorry it's not a very good picture. I took it myself. I put my slippers on her. Isn't it a cute picture, though?