Board (Oops! I Mean BORED.)

At least I'm not the only one who's bored. I've got a friend who emails me three times a day. At least. We've got this Rosetta Stone puzzle from the British Museum that is a total, pure, 100% rip off. There are words covering the diagram on the front, and another diagram that is nothing alike.


(Hi mom!)

Take A Bow!

I did great. We got lots of applause and my grandparents gave me flowers. I'm really sad though, because now we don't have drama until spring, 5th grade. On the bright side, a boy I call Cocoa Puff came to our performance even though he left the school last year. On the sunny side up, for our cast party we got pizza (it was cut into squares. Grr :-C ) and Ted Drewes. It was wonderful.

Oh and PS?

I'm the narrator.

Oh and PPS?

My mom wrote about our play. Here's the link:

Oh and BTW?

Girl Cousin came in from college a few days ago. :-D

Wish Me Luck!!!

Today is the debut performance of our play, A Young Country. It's about the Revolutionary (Phew... big word and I didn't even spell it right. Spell check did. :-( )

Whatever, it's about the American Revoloution


Okay spellcheck, what is it?



It's about, well, you get the point. My group is doing the Boston Tea Party!

"I'm the narrarator."

Can't spell that right either!!!

Whatever. That's my most repeated line. I say it 3 times.

Wish me luck! I'll tell you how it goes!

Hi World!!!

Hi Internet!!! Hi America!!! Hi mom!!! (Hi Linda!!!)

Bye World!!! Bye Internet!!! Bye America!!! (Bye Linda!!!)

Bye mom.

Wordless Wednesday: You Don't See This Every Day

going to chamber of secrets brb
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One Of Those Funny Moments

So today, I'm working on a poster with a dude, and the dudes working next to us (the dudes are called Connie-Girl and Sir Puff) and Sir Puff sneezes and I say bless you and Connie-Girl said you're welcome. Just a brief glimpse of my day. Bye.

My State Is Great

So I like, um, like, have to do, like, a report on Oklahoma. So far for my "state in a bag" I have a Oklahoma state quarter and a few e-mails from my friend from camp who lives in Oklahoma. I'm working on drawing a basic map of it. I also have to pick a topic for my paragraph on Oklahoma. Whatever.Yeah. That's Oklahoma. Cool, huh? I've learned a lot about it. State bird, rock, butterfly, beverage, colors, meal, song, poem, dance, game animal, tree, animal, fish, motto, flag, and a LOT more. My mom says Oklahoma's not that cool (sorry citizens of Oklahoma) but I say it's a lot more interesting than you'd think.

So I said I've got a Oklahoma quarter, right? Of course I'm right, I'm always right. So it was all grimy, and so we bought a bottle of Coca Cola and dropped it in. In about 2 hours, it was all nice and de-grimed.