Take A Bow!

I did great. We got lots of applause and my grandparents gave me flowers. I'm really sad though, because now we don't have drama until spring, 5th grade. On the bright side, a boy I call Cocoa Puff came to our performance even though he left the school last year. On the sunny side up, for our cast party we got pizza (it was cut into squares. Grr :-C ) and Ted Drewes. It was wonderful.

Oh and PS?

I'm the narrator.

Oh and PPS?

My mom wrote about our play. Here's the link:


Oh and BTW?

Girl Cousin came in from college a few days ago. :-D


Hi! I saw your performance on your Mom's blog and thought you were great as The Narrator! Were you nervous at all? Was it fun?

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fun few days off for the holiday.

See ya!

- Margaret

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