Umm... Yola?

Hi... Sorry I haven't been posting.

I have been really busy. I know that's the normal excuse, but I mean it. I have end of year everything. We are now learning to map the United States of America. Plus, I am already planning Halloween costumes. Chili, me, and another one of our friends have two good ideas so far. But I can't tell you what they are unless you PROMISE not to copy off us. If you really, REALLY care, send me an e-mail and I will tell you. Just press the little pink and white envelope in the lower right hand corner.

I am still kinda bored. But not as bored as... Umm... Well... Hmm... *Smoke comes out of my ears and head* *Grunting* Brain... Computing... Thinking... DING! OMG? Guess what? Cheese is so good! And yellow! And holey! And yellow!

Okay, hum....

'Kay, bye now!

Israel Day 4

Wow, that day went by fast. We are done touring and tonight, we are having a Shabbat dinner. (Shabbat shalom!)

Today we saw a church. Yeah, the last place where you expect to see a church is in ISRAEL. Yes, I went to churches in Rome and the Westminster Abbey in London.

BUT, this was special, I guess. It’s the place where Jesus died, I think.

Then we bought stuff, I got a birthday present for Rockstar, it is a bracelet with a hand on it. The hand is supposed to keep away the evil eye. We also got some t-shirts, I wanted a Cardinal’s one but instead I got one that was like this

(picture of a blue fish)
Med. Sea
(picture of a red fish)
Red Sea
(blank outline of a fish)
Dead Sea

Jumbo Pain got a shirt with a smiley face with the Jewish curls on the side and a black hat. The caption is, “DON‘T WORRY, BE JEWISH.”

Oh, and bye the way? Our Shabbat dinner was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E

That’s all, folks!

Israel Day Three

At 8:00 we got on the bus. First, we did something very exciting.

Big Pain and Royal Pain became Bar Mitzvahs. Well, Royal P was Bar Mitzvah-ed(?) last year and Big P’s is coming up in June. Royal is 14, Big will be 13 in May.

My big brother is a man.

Then, after that, we went to the whatchamacallit--Parliament--thingy--Knesset. It was cool. Very cool. We saw 3 tapestries that took the artist 8 YEARS to make . We also saw the room where all of the people vote and that stuff.

Then, everyone went to the Holocaust Museum thingy-ma-bobber. Everyone but me (My mom: “It‘s too scary!”) and my grandma. (Did I mention that this is her 36th trip to Israel?) We went back to the hotel and had a W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L lunch. I had minestrone and blintzes (one of the best foods ever, right up there with pizza, sushi, chocolate, and kugel.) I also ordered a hot chocolate. They brought me a cup full of warm milk with foam on the top. There was a chocolate truffle thingy on the bottom and I got to stir it up. Then, when we went out to dinner, I got tuna.

Peace out America!

Israel Day #2

Enjoy Day 2 of our vacation in Israel

I woke up in the morning and got a fabulous breakfast. Then we jumped on the bus and headed to Masada. Masada is a really, really, old, big mountain. On top of it is the world’s oldest sanctuary! It is this really complicated, long story involving Romans and suicide. We took the cable cars up, while my aunt, uncle, Royal Pain, Jumbo Pain, and my other cousin walked up. On the way down, I walked with Ms. Witty and Big Pain while everyone else took the cable cars. After that we got a delicious lunch and then changed into our swimming suits. Then we headed out to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. There, it is so salty that instead of sand on the bottom, there’s salt! We floated and sat in the water and had FUN. Then we went to the hotel for a bit and then went to dinner. It was a good dinner, overall. We walked back to the hotel and now I am here.

That is all.

Israel: Day #1:

Hi! I finally got around to posting the first post of my trip to Israel. No pictures.

The plane ride was long and the food was gross. I was cramped and my legs hurt.

Finally, we got off the plane and walked through the airport. The David Ben Gurion airport was beautiful. We got our bags, took some pictures, and hopped on the bus.

Yeah, I know that tour guides are supposed to never stop talking (maybe I should be one?) but ours talked wayyy too much. We saw the Old City and a stray cat that rubbed past my legs, like, 3 times. We also saw a replica of the Old City. (WOW!) our lunch was fabulous although I think we ordered wayyy too much. We went back to the hotel, where we had to wait 2 hours for our room to be ready. When we got the room, we realized that the room I am sharing with my mom is the Midget Room. It’s reaaally small and the bed is reaaally low.
For dinner we ate Moroccan food. It was great, and they gave us a fez. (I think I spelled that right.) half of the people tried it on: Big Pain, my cousin Royal Pain, my cousin Jumbo Pain, my grandpa, my uncle…

And then we went back to the hotel and now I am sitting here, drafting this post that I will post when I get home or get Wi-Fi.

Tomorrow we go to the Dead Sea!!!!1!!!!1! :-D

Oh, and PS? If you’re reading this, hi Linda! Hi Upchuck!

I Looooove To Sing... Sort Of

Tomorrow my Children's Choir or however it is spelled or pronounced is going on our school tours! That means we get to skip school to go around in our uniforms all day singing at other schools.

Last year we got ice cream when we were done.

Anyway, I think it will be very fun because 1) I get to skip my test on the Constitution (We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.) and 2) it was fun last year. (Although we are probably not getting ice cream tomorrow :-(. Sad.)

PS: For my online book club, I am reading Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. Good book! Although very long and a bit confusing if you haven't read books 1, 2, &3, which I haven't. Did I mention it's the fourth book in the series?

Oh, do I have a great post idea that is top secret Confidential.


Peace out world.