Wordless Wednesday: Big And Mean!

Apologize, right now mister!

From, well, I can't remember where it's from.

For Pixie

Pixie, Is Daisy's big sister. I love them both. You can visit Daisy and Pixie both here. Visit them. I do every morning. Anyway, this is for Pixie. I like Harry Potter, and Pixie likes bananers.

Anyway, here it is:

I think it's funny. I hope Pixie watches it.

This Just In... (Well Not Really, It Happened 2 Nights Ago.)

Anyway, this not really just in. Ms. Witty reports that Voldemort, a near-to-two puppy, who nearly ate Ms. Witty's glasses once, actually slept with Ms. Witty. If ANYONE (notice the emphasis on ANYONE) comments, asking for me to write about the incident where Voldemort chewed on Ms. Witty's glasses, I'll put it into my list of things I want and need to write about.

Hope you ask!

Hannah Fanna


Not the best day ever.Big Pain is somewhat sick. Too bad. This morning I had a bit of a fever. Oh well.

Wordless Wednesday: Words Can't Describe This

I know, too cute!

From Holy Cuteness. (That place is tooooo cute!)

Passover Is Joyful

I know. No one knew I was Jewish. Does anyone know what Passover is? Comment on my blog and say if you do. Those who don't, Google it immediately. I also have good news. I will be introducing a close friend of mine, Smiley, today.

Smiley, is another close friend of mine. In my family, every grandchild is allowed to bring a friend to a Passover Seder. Last year, I brought Rockstar. This year, I invited Smiley to come.

Don't forget to comment or Google!

The Random Question Of April

Q: What is your favorite animal?

A: Mine is a dolphin.

I like dolphins because they are funny and cute. And joyful, like me!

Here is a very cute dolphin.

Look! It's smiling at me! Hi Mr. Dolphy! You and your dolphin family are very cute. You rule!

Happy Birthday Wynner

Happy birthday Wynner! I took her to get a pedicure for her birthday. Like Rockstar's, I'll give you a list of things she got.

  • A large variety of clothing (including pajamas and sleep masks.)( I know some of you are probably thinking: Why the heck does an 8 year old need a sleep mask?)
  • A bengal tiger Webkinz.
  • A Hannah Montana CD.
  • A mouse Lil Kinz.
  • I could keep going, but you're probably getting bored.




Ms. Witty, my mom, tagged me last week to list seven things about myself. Here they are:

  • I recently got my ears pierced.
  • I have a large collection of bells
  • I love to cook, and I am very good at it.
  • I am going to London in June with my grandparents as a birthday present.
  • I need a retainer before my brother Big Pain does.
  • I have lots of friends.
  • I want to start a collection of money from around the world, but Ms. Witty gave Big Pain all of her foreign money.
  • I recently started learning to play guitar.

See? My ears really are pierced.

Braces? Anybody? Retainer? Anybody?

I found out last night that I need a retainer. The orthodontist said I have Ms. Witty's teeth. I think Big Pain isn't so keen on the idea. It only looks like he has bad teeth. This might mean I'll get braces before him. Yay me!*clapping a lot.* I'm kind of excited! I'm going to get it in two weeks. It will be sparkly pink, and sparkly silver. They had to make a mold, and I had a nasty tasting flavor: fruit punch. I gagged, I coughed, I spit. Because... It was nasty. I never want to do that again. Ever. Notice the emphasis on "EVER."

Wordless Wednesday: I'm Not Kidding; It's Really Wordless

Today's Poem Is... MY WINTER DREAM! Congratulations! And The Author Is... HANNAH FANNA! Come On Down!

On americangirl.com, a few months ago, I wrote a poem. Here it is. (In the future, I will put other poems on of mine.)

My Winter Dream

My Dream Is In The Snow

We Shine And We Play

And The Glitter Angel's Sister

Shines Her Bright
Beautiful Jacket Is Mine

Yes, I, Hannah Fanna wrote that. I was seven. My family loved it!

Here is a scan of it. It know, is not very good scan. But you can still read it.

Hannah, Hannah and... MORE HANNAH! YAYYYYY!

To some, Hannah Montana is as boring as Pokemon is to me.

To others... (like moi!)





Needs more Hannah...

How 'bout this?


If All The Raindrops Were Lemon Drops And Gumdrops I'd See Rockstar Get Her Ears Pierced

Yesterday, it was beautiful where I live.


It rained cats and dogs. How do I know? I think I stepped in a poodle!

That meant that I could not go with Rockstar to get her ears pierced. But Wynner got to go because Wynner lives a block away from Rockstar.

I cried hamsters and guinea pigs. (I was that sad.)