Bar Mitzvah Stuffs

Big Pain's Bar Mitzvah is on Saturday. We are excited! My speech for it is amazing. 'Kay now, bye!

I Am Not Going To Take Any Typos Out Of This Post, Okay?

I will not take any mistyakes out of this post, which ought to be very fun. So goiod luck enjoyinhg this post, Okay?

And I a, super bfored.

So, how's life? Like rfeally m, how is it?
I sam up to here in chomework
__ <-- Hrere __ __
__ __ __
__ __ __
__ __ __

Humm... What else should I talk about? I don'y t know. Wow, not tgakinhg any tposzb out ofr thisz post ifsze really hardx.

I stareted this post a while agio and am oposting this now. Ciao!

Funny Videos

These are two hilarious videos. In the first one, Justin Bieber walks into a revolving door. Here it is:

And in the second one, he walks into a glass wall.

(I did not make that video.) Poor guy!

PS: Hi to everyone I know that reads my blog. For example, hi mom! Hi Linda! (Hi Upchuck!) Maybe even hi Smiley! or hi Rockstar! or hi Cantata!


Hi it's summer and I am doing dance camp that is run by 14 year olds! And then is Big's Bar Mitzvah and then I go to camp. While I am at camp, my mom will post. And then, after camp, I am going to Boston. I have a loaded summer!