Am I Cursed Or Something?

I read the Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan. I loved it.

I know, I know. You're saying "GET TO THE POINT, CUPCAKE!"

Okay, okay. Sheesh.

This book's about Greek mythology. So I saw a truck as I was re-reading this book for the zillionth time. Why? I like it. Anyway, the truck said "Tyson". Why's that so great? In this book, there's a Cyclops named Tyson. Then, I drove by a church. It said something about a labyrinth. You see what I mean? Then, this morning, I watched SpongeBob. Would you believe it, one of the creators was named "Zeus". I did not pay attention to his last name. Just his first name. Today, after that incident, my mom did a crossword puzzle. One of the words was "Tyson". She was like "Cupcake, look!" and I was like "Come on." Tonight, she said "For dinner, we're having leftovers. We have BBQ beef and stir fry and Greek food." I was like "MOM!" and she went "What?" I said "Greek food?"



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Friday Jokes

So, after BK and DQ got married, they had a kid.

They named her Wendy.


Friday Jokes

This is a start of a chain of jokes:

Q: Where did Burger King and Dairy Queen get married?

(down arrow)

A: the White Castle! LOL!

PS: This will be a chain of fast food jokes made by moi.

So... Weirdly... COOL!

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Found at: awhile ago.

Friday Jokes

This is sponsored by Bamboo:

Q: What do you call a person who doesn't toot in public?

Go down.

A private tooter! Ha ha ha! LOL! Thanks Bamboo!

Wordless Wednesday: Who Let The Jews Out?!?!


Photo Hunters: Stripes

This is my striped hairwrap. Ain't it perrrrrrrty? I got it in California at my hotel. IT REALLY HURTS. But... Now my hair's really pretty. Well, that's all I got to say. You?

Friday Jokes

This one's funny.

There's a giant who lives in top of a mountain, and he has a lot of treasure. There are people who live at the bottom of the mountain called Trids. The Trids are always going up the mountain and trying to steal his treasure. Somehow, he always finds them and kicks them down. One day, a rabbi comes into town. He hears the stories, and goes up the mountain. He steals the treasure, and the finds the giant. He says "Why didn't you kick me down? I stole your treasure." The giant laughs and says "Silly rabbi! Kicks are for Trids!"