Having A Beary Good Day

About a month ago I decided I wanted to go to Build-A-Bear.  Not really sure what gave me that inspiration, but I wanted to.  I told my mom, and she said that I could only go if I donated the bear to charity.

So I invited a friend along, and we built bears.  We're going to donate them to the Children's Hospital.

Honestly, I'm more than fine with donating them. It feels good, and I don't need an extra teddy bear around the house. Plus, Build-A-Bear has special animals that donate money to groups like the WWF.

And seriously? The best part is picking out the outfit, anyway.

Best Birthday Party Ever

Yesterday was my birthday party, about a month after my actual 12th birthday. It was epic. There is this AMAZING chocolate store. They use all natural ingredients, and make all the chocolate and candy in the store. They offer chocolate tastings in the store, where you taste a bunch of truffles and other confectionary miracles. That was my birthday party. I invited six girls from school, and they all came. It was very awesome. The chocolate was awesome, too. Even though I said no presents were necessary, I got two books and a handful of cards. They were all nice, but my favorite one had a picture on the inside. The picture was from my 5th birthday party, that took place at Build-A-Bear. Really great card. At the end, we all got chocolate mustaches. We took pictures with them on, and it was so fun.