Cupcake's Second Annual Halloween Awards, 2010 Edition!

Today was the school Halloween party. I'm going to give out "awards" for best costumes in the fifth grade, and then a few honorable mentions here and there.

And the award for Most Edible Costume goes to...
 Three people who were all dressed as bananas! Two people planned it, but the third didn't.

And the award for the Most Halloween-y  Costume goes to...
One of my friends who painted her face black and her hair green, wore black clothes, and put a real pumpkin on her head.

And the award for Probably Most Uncomfortable Costume goes to...
Two kids who were the Men In Black. They wore black suits, black ties, and black sunglasses.

And the award for the Quietest Costume goes to...
 My friend who was a mime. She had a black striped shirt, black pants, black hat, white gloves, and silence.

And the award for Most Painful Costume goes to...
A kid who wore a shark costume and his shoes on his hands. It looked like he had been swallowed by a shark!

And the award for Most ANNOYINGLY Original Costume goes to...
A boy who dressed as Justin Bieber. He could have been an exact match, except he didn't have the hat, and he had blond hair.

And the award for Best Overall Costume goes to...
Cupcake, come on down! Your costume was the best! After all, dressing as a chef and walking around saying, "Hi! Vote for me!" and doing the Thriller dance is pretty darn creative and awesome.

Me: Oh, well! How unexpected! *Dab at my eyes as I walk up and shake the hand of some guy in a suit.* Well, I'd like to thank the academy...

And special honors for: Four of those big-shot sixth grade boys dressed up as the Teletubbies! Now, that was a sight to see.

The first grade teachers were Goldilocks and the three bears.

The second grade teachers were hippies. Those were awesome!

Happy Halloween! Oh, and remember: Vote for me!

Oxymorons: I Love Them

Today in  science class, we were cutting plastics to test them. You know, I think this story would be best in diagram form.

1: I am cutting some plastic.

2: Well, I don't really know how 
to explain this scene.

3: I poke myself and it hurts!

And that's how I hurt myself with safety scissors.

Ah, oxymorons. How I love them.

Me Speaking Words

Hi. It's me. And now I say weird words.


This Is What Fame Does To You...

...And also the reason I gave up that fame dream years ago.

Thanks for showing this to me, Rockstar.