Octoberrr is almost overrr! Wherrre has this yearrr and school yearrr gone? I am almost 12! I am 2 months in to 6th grrrade! I'm wearrring rrreally distrrracting brrracelets on my wrrrists rrright now!



About 10 minutes ago I learned how to tie a tie. Then I tied a tie around my neck.

I really like wearing this tie! I'm never taking it off!!!

Halloween Gets Theoretical

I was thinking. Not sure what I was thinking about, but somehow I was thinking about mummies. Like, the Halloween ones. And I realized that Halloween mummies are just zombies dressed up the way the Egyptians buried their dead.

And because I'm an uncreative freak, my Halloween costume is a fake mustache and whatever I find.

Guess Who Stayed Home From School Today.

Whee. Lucky me. I've missed 2 days of school. I've checked my class website for homework assignments, but it can only take me so far. If I'm lucky, today I'll be able to get my hands on the notes Rockstar took for me in class. (Thanks Rockstar!)

My throat hurts. :(

This... is not my best day.

My temperature, as of about one minute ago, is 98.2 degrees. Woohoo.

Still Sick

I have a fever, as of about 20 minutes ago, of 101.1 degrees. My mom won't let me go to school tomorrow.

Sad. :(


Yesterday I came home from my school's 6th grade camping trip. (Bye the way, it was awesome.) My throat hurt and my legs really hurt. I felt a wee bit (I love using that phrase) dizzy. Well, more than a wee bit. Aaaaand coughing hurt, too.

Last night I had a bit of a fever. Yayyyyy.

Buuuuuuuuuut I feel better now. But my mom's still feverish.

I am a ninja.

All My Life

All my life I wondered when the boys in my grade would become real people and stop having fake gun fights and making dumb, cruel jokes. Oh, and enjoying Star Wars: The Clone Wars so much. Is that too much to ask?

I figured that when we all got to 6th grade, they would feel an overcoming sense of maturity and stop their fake guns and dumb jokes.

Now we all made it to 6th grade, and I have made a discovery:

If they haven't given up the guns and Star Wars by now, which only a few have, they never will.

I will still have to yell at them to "Grow up!" when they start being weird in class.

I will still roll my eyes a lot.

Guess I was wrong all my life.

Thank goodness I'm going to a different school next year.

Real Life NINJAS!

So we were watching this video in science class about muscles, and it was showing these street gymnasts. I was like, cool! Then I was like, whoa! These guys are like ninjas! And I told that to the girl next to me. She agreed.

This is part of the video we watched. It's really cool if you ignore the poor quality and the advertisements.