Spiderman: The New Science Nerd (No Offence)

This, is a video a kid in my class put on Youtube. He made it by himself.

It's funny. Don't you think?

Rockstar's 8th Birthday

Today is Rockstar's 8th birthday. I got her present at Feefifoto.com. Even though I am out of town, I called her. She got...
  • A bunny Webkinz
  • A picture frame from Wynner
  • Perfume, I think, and some other stuff.
(This is a secret until Monday, so Rockstar, if you read this before then, don't tell me, then please act surprised when you get it.)


The Rockstar Family Text-Off

Here's a word-for-word transcript of the latest monologue by Rock Star; you can guess how it ended:

After approximately two hours of back and forth (mostly forth) between me and Rockstar:

"'stop texting for now
Rockstar's dad'
5:27 pm 3/18/08"

Rockstar, takes the phone, later to tell me he only said for now.

"'Never mind!'
5:33pm 3/18/08"

And she's off and running texting again:

"'Let's text!!!'
5:35pm 3/18/08"

But I have been in another room and Ms. Witty has been ignoring the beeping and ringing from the Razr that indicate a fresh supply of messages from Rockstar. Keep reading.

"'Hannah Fanna?'
5:36pm 3/18/08"

Rockstar was caught, red-handed and her parents had punished her:

"'Hannah Fanna Rockstar is not allowed to text d For one week. Mom.'
5:52pm 3/18/08"

When I came up Ms. Witty was laughing; telling me I had to read it. It was hilarious.

Two Years, All To Charity

Yesterday, I got my hair cut.

Eight inches.

For Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

I went to get my hair cut when Ms. Witty went for her appointment. I was scared at first, but when I got in the chair, the fear turned to excitement. I love helping people.

Ms. Witty spoiled me. She let me get a manicure at the mall. She almost got an i-Phone. But she didn't. Boo hoo.


I love my hair. But, I was so used to my long hair, that every time I have to put my hair behind my ear, I remember I don't have enough to do that.I'll miss my old hair, but, it will come back. Eventually. Okay! it won't come back that fast! Would you stop! You're putting pressure on me! I don't like it! STOP! Well, okay, I'll apologize. Sorry for yelling so much. Bye!

Wordless Wednesday: Always Have Adult Supervison When Trying To Clone Animals

From Animal Talk. A very cute discovery of mine.

Cellphones, What Would We Do Without Them?

Yes. Ask yourself. Why the heck am I looking at a picture of a Pink Razr and another of text messaging?

Okay. Did you do it?


Now, I will tell you. I have to whisper or she will hear though. TEXT MESSAGING IS MY FAVORITE WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH MY BEST FRIEND!

Oops, was that a bit too loud?

The only problem, yes we do have a problem, is that her dad has an i-phone, and my mom has a razr. She is a bit faster. Also, she doesn't know how to backspace, so we have the occasional occasion where I get confused by typos.She is grounded for a week because she didn't stop texting and is, I expect, horribly bored.

I can't wait for next week Rockstar!

No, she's not that good. And, hey! What's the name of the restaurant? I hope it's good. I don't like cheap food.



They Don't Come That Cute

Too fake. A lie. Not real. Whatever. Keep trying. Boring !;) (I find it hard to believe that that is a real puppy.)

Your Wish Has Been Granted Part II

*Cough* *Achoo* Um hello. As you can see, I am really feeling a bit under the weather.*Achoo* Excuse me. As I was saying, you will know what I am talking about if you read Your Wish Has Been Granted, my post from yesterday. *Cough* I still don't feel well so don't push it. Okay? Good. And, you know what? I'm going to make you read it. Sound fun? OK!You can scroll down and read or I'll make some links. I'll do it here,and here. Is that enough? Good. Okay. I'll give you some time to read. OK? Great. So go! Shoo! Bye bye. Go read. I'll wait.*Random music plays* "You get the beeeeest of both worlds..." Oh! You're back! How embarrassing! Okay, did you see why I'm not so good? if you didn't, here's another link. GO! SHOO! Those of you who understood, here's a Pop Quiz! (Sorry, no multiple choice. Also, you get an F if you cheat!)

  • How many days a week do I have a lesson?
  • What is my seven-day-a-week schedule?
  • How did my legs feel when I walked the morning I got sick?
  • What was my temperature in the morning?
Right then. Here's the bonus question!

  • Did you enjoy this post?

Hey there! You cheated! I saw it! You got an F!!!

Most of you did pretty good. The average is about a B maybe. Thanks for watching!


I found this on a site. Even Simon likes her. She is AWESOME! As an 8 year old, even I say she rocks.

Your Wish Has Been Granted

The story is simple. I'll summarize it for you. Then, if you want, you can keep reading and hear the big picture.

Summary-- I have some kind of lesson seven days a week. I was telling my mom that it's not fair I have to learn something seven days a week. Last night, I started on that subject again. This morning, voila! I had a fever.

Keep reading for the whole story.

Whole Story-- Last week, I was practicing my piano when I told my mom that it wasn't fair I have a lesson seven days a week. (Monday through Friday: school, Saturday: piano lesson, Sunday: Sunday school.) Last night, I came up to that subject again this time saying I need a break from school. (I had been coughing a lot and was feeling bad when I coughed.) This morning, I woke up with a headache and when I walked my legs felt wobbly. I went in to tell my mom about my "aches and pains"and she felt my forehead. I was very warm. My mom took my temperature five minutes later. 101.1 degrees. I had a fever. I felt terrible. I think my brother was and is jealous because he asked her to feel his forehead. 20 minutes ago, my brother called from school saying his ear was hurting (he also said that he thought it was getting infected.) Ha!

(Have you ever gotten sick on short notice?)

The Random Question Of March

Can you tell who is who?

The question of the month for March is, drum roll please...

Q: Who was your favorite lovie with when you were young?

A: I had a bear, Suzie, and a doll who ended up as Dollie (no, she was not used to haul things around.)

Suzie was worn out and my mom had to fix her with pink yarn. Dollie, on the other hand, kept together the whole time.

Sadly, No I Couldn't

On Tuesday, what did I do in school? Ask yourself that question. Do you want to know? If so, keep reading. Okay, I'll tell you. At 8:00, it was still snowing. Later, it was still snowing. When we went to science, my science teacher had to shovel a walkway so we could get there. 30 minutes later, there was about 1 inch already! I had to go home at 12:00, and by then, there was about 12 inches. My aunt (aka Madame French teacher at my school) had to take us home; it took more than one hour to get home. We had to walk through the snow to get inside, and only one of my shoes were on. No, I did not do anything Hannah Montana related. Sorry, I'm awfully sorry, please forgive me. Tune in next time on: Big Hannah Montana Fan. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

How Much Better Could This Day Get?

Hannah Montana guest stars in Potter Puppet Pals. I like them both, so it's 2 in 1! It's really the best of both worlds!