Your Wish Has Been Granted

The story is simple. I'll summarize it for you. Then, if you want, you can keep reading and hear the big picture.

Summary-- I have some kind of lesson seven days a week. I was telling my mom that it's not fair I have to learn something seven days a week. Last night, I started on that subject again. This morning, voila! I had a fever.

Keep reading for the whole story.

Whole Story-- Last week, I was practicing my piano when I told my mom that it wasn't fair I have a lesson seven days a week. (Monday through Friday: school, Saturday: piano lesson, Sunday: Sunday school.) Last night, I came up to that subject again this time saying I need a break from school. (I had been coughing a lot and was feeling bad when I coughed.) This morning, I woke up with a headache and when I walked my legs felt wobbly. I went in to tell my mom about my "aches and pains"and she felt my forehead. I was very warm. My mom took my temperature five minutes later. 101.1 degrees. I had a fever. I felt terrible. I think my brother was and is jealous because he asked her to feel his forehead. 20 minutes ago, my brother called from school saying his ear was hurting (he also said that he thought it was getting infected.) Ha!

(Have you ever gotten sick on short notice?)


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