Two Years, All To Charity

Yesterday, I got my hair cut.

Eight inches.

For Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

I went to get my hair cut when Ms. Witty went for her appointment. I was scared at first, but when I got in the chair, the fear turned to excitement. I love helping people.

Ms. Witty spoiled me. She let me get a manicure at the mall. She almost got an i-Phone. But she didn't. Boo hoo.


I love my hair. But, I was so used to my long hair, that every time I have to put my hair behind my ear, I remember I don't have enough to do that.I'll miss my old hair, but, it will come back. Eventually. Okay! it won't come back that fast! Would you stop! You're putting pressure on me! I don't like it! STOP! Well, okay, I'll apologize. Sorry for yelling so much. Bye!


Daisy said...

You have very beautiful hair. But what is more important is that you showed that you are a beautiful person to donate your hair for charity. And some lucky person will look beautiful because of you! This makes me feel happy inside.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your short hair. Love Bops

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