The Rockstar Family Text-Off

Here's a word-for-word transcript of the latest monologue by Rock Star; you can guess how it ended:

After approximately two hours of back and forth (mostly forth) between me and Rockstar:

"'stop texting for now
Rockstar's dad'
5:27 pm 3/18/08"

Rockstar, takes the phone, later to tell me he only said for now.

"'Never mind!'
5:33pm 3/18/08"

And she's off and running texting again:

"'Let's text!!!'
5:35pm 3/18/08"

But I have been in another room and Ms. Witty has been ignoring the beeping and ringing from the Razr that indicate a fresh supply of messages from Rockstar. Keep reading.

"'Hannah Fanna?'
5:36pm 3/18/08"

Rockstar was caught, red-handed and her parents had punished her:

"'Hannah Fanna Rockstar is not allowed to text d For one week. Mom.'
5:52pm 3/18/08"

When I came up Ms. Witty was laughing; telling me I had to read it. It was hilarious.


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