The Hunger Games Was Meant To Be

Once upon a time, long, long ago...

Wrong. Sorry.

A few years ago, around Spring Break 2009, I sat in a hot tub at a resort in California.

Great start, right?

As I sat in this hot tub, a girl I didn't know sat across from me, blabbing and blabbing and blabbing to her friend about some book. She went on for 15 minutes, and I had no choice but to listen to her speak. And speak. And speak And speak. And eat pudding. And speak.

(She wasn't actually eating pudding. I lied about that.)

So last year, someone convinced me to read The Hunger Games. I read it, and by the time I finished the whole series, I had gone from "Don't like this" to "Love it" to "Hate it."

And then it hit me.

The girl in the hot tub, who I have somehow never forgotten was telling her friend about The Hunger Games.

After years of wondering what that girl was talking about, I found it.

School Lunch

School lunches have a bad reputation of rancid meatloaf and mystery meats. That, however, is not what my school served last year.

Personally, I thought our caterer was amazing. They served farm fresh food, had salad bars on Fridays, and the food was all colorful, tasty, and EDIBLE.

But other people complained so much that they got rid of that program.

This caterer lacks general pizzazz. Sure, their food's kinda good, but it's just not fun.

And sometimes it literally makes me want to throw up... today.

We had chicken, rice, and peapods.

The peapods were cold, mushy, and made me gag. I did not eat them.

The rice was goodish, but mushy.

And the chicken?

It was revolting. I started eating and it was kind of good, but when I got close to the bone, my chicken (and the bone) was RED. And since we just studied the skeletal system in science, I know what the red means.

So I threw that piece of chicken to the side and started on the other one. The same thing happened: it was BLOODY. And when I poked the blood with my fork, it was still liquid.


After lunch, as we were getting ready for class, I saw my friend. She was smiling... and her teeth were stained red. Because she ate the bloody chicken.

Which leads me to wonder...

What are they doing to our food?

What is in my school lunches?

Detective Cupcake is on the case.

I Am Wonderful

Why am I wonderful, you ask? Well, do you even need to ask?

Bad question.

To start, I've been getting great grades so far in 6th grade. I got 99% on a science test, and my language arts teacher loved a paragraph I wrote.

Among other reasons that I am wonderful, I recently made an awesome pie. It was chocolate mocha chiffon, and the greatest pie I have ever laid eyes upon.

And, as the feather in my wonderful cap of wonderfulness, I got my first babysitting job. I'm happy.

*hi mom!*

Sorry I didn't say hi to my other family members, but the stupid guys standing behind a news camera always just say "Hi mom!" Not that I'm stupid. or a guy. or behind a news camera.

Okay, bye bye!

Buh bye!!


This makes me laugh.

A Devastated Cupcake Is A Devastated Cupcake

As the title of this post hinted, I am devastated.

Crying into my pillow devastated.

I'm talking 8 quarts of chocolate ice cream devastated.

Like, hiding in my room and never coming out devastated.

Why? you ask. Well, even if you aren't asking that, I appreciate your fake concern.

Some hints as to why I am devastated:

1) It's September 1st
2) I'm 11 years old

And if you are still clueless, I'll tell you.

My acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a) lost in the mail b) burned by my uncle or c) never sent! And no half-giant kicked down my door to hand me my letter! Which means...


Wait... I have and idea. Does anyone know where I can get a Ford Anglia?