I Am Wonderful

Why am I wonderful, you ask? Well, do you even need to ask?

Bad question.

To start, I've been getting great grades so far in 6th grade. I got 99% on a science test, and my language arts teacher loved a paragraph I wrote.

Among other reasons that I am wonderful, I recently made an awesome pie. It was chocolate mocha chiffon, and the greatest pie I have ever laid eyes upon.

And, as the feather in my wonderful cap of wonderfulness, I got my first babysitting job. I'm happy.

*hi mom!*

Sorry I didn't say hi to my other family members, but the stupid guys standing behind a news camera always just say "Hi mom!" Not that I'm stupid. or a guy. or behind a news camera.

Okay, bye bye!

Buh bye!!


This makes me laugh.


Gee said...

With all this wonderfulness surrounding you, it's no wonder you're wonderful. I only wonder that it's taken you so long to identify your wonderfullity.

Lynn said...

Dear Blog Readers: I'd like to report that we were HONORED to be the lucky recipients of Cupcake's babysitting skills last weekend. She is indeed wonderful - and we highly recommend her to anyone in need of babysitting. (With the clear understanding that if her schedule gets booked, we can call first dibs.) :-)
-Piglet's Mom

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