School Lunch

School lunches have a bad reputation of rancid meatloaf and mystery meats. That, however, is not what my school served last year.

Personally, I thought our caterer was amazing. They served farm fresh food, had salad bars on Fridays, and the food was all colorful, tasty, and EDIBLE.

But other people complained so much that they got rid of that program.

This caterer lacks general pizzazz. Sure, their food's kinda good, but it's just not fun.

And sometimes it literally makes me want to throw up... today.

We had chicken, rice, and peapods.

The peapods were cold, mushy, and made me gag. I did not eat them.

The rice was goodish, but mushy.

And the chicken?

It was revolting. I started eating and it was kind of good, but when I got close to the bone, my chicken (and the bone) was RED. And since we just studied the skeletal system in science, I know what the red means.

So I threw that piece of chicken to the side and started on the other one. The same thing happened: it was BLOODY. And when I poked the blood with my fork, it was still liquid.


After lunch, as we were getting ready for class, I saw my friend. She was smiling... and her teeth were stained red. Because she ate the bloody chicken.

Which leads me to wonder...

What are they doing to our food?

What is in my school lunches?

Detective Cupcake is on the case.


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