I Won! I Won! I Won!


Winning an Oscar at age 8.No.

This is what I won.

I won it from Freaky Frugalite! Isn't it nice?

Okay, these are the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog;
2. Link the person you received your award from;
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs;
4. Put links of those blogs on yours; and
5. Leave a message on the blogs that you’ve nominated.

Okay, I'm going to do 7 people. Here they are:

  1. FeeFiFoto Blog, my favorite mother ever, (and is having a fame contest.)
  2. Daisy the Curly Cat, who is everything all in one cat.
  3. My Name Is Rasheika, all the way over there in Philippines.
  4. Holy Cuteness, a great sense of... You guessed it! Cuteness.
  5. Randomosity, a cool source of random stuff.
  6. Rita's Digest, who, if you remember, was, well, let's just say, very determined during my pet rock contest.
  7. DeCaFFeiNaTeD, a beautiful blog.
There it is! Congratulations!

Thank you.

Yes, It's That Day...

...The day when I have to go to school...

...For my first day of third grade...

...That day is...



Wordless Wednesday: Yes, Girl Cousin's Work Of Art

Stop laughing. It was on ME. I nearly ripped of my finger nails getting those off.

My List Of Complaints

Big Pain started middle school today. I'm bored. Big Pain started middle school today. I start third grade tomorrow. Big Pain started middle school today. I'm lonely. Big Pain started middle school today. I'm hungry.

Oh! And did I mention that Big Pain started middle school today?


School, school. Mine starts tomorrow. 3rd grade. Big Pain starts middle school today.

Do YOU have school yet?

Well, Everybody!

My good friend Luxor asked for me to help name his pet rock. The pet rock is now named Candy.

Luxor, good luck with Candy!

PS: Has anyone seen sTony? Some people are worried. I hope Daisy hasn't been neglecting her duties.

Read about Candy here.

So, Last Night I Was Over At Rockstar's House, To Watch...

Cheetah Girls
...The world premier of the Cheetah Girls One World movie. So, let me tell you about our great night:

First, I went up to her door and rang the bell. Rockstar, closely tailed by her 4 year old brother, who says he will be 5 on September 42nd, now known as Him. Well, anyway, they came running to the door. Big Pain carried around Him for a minute or two, and then Ms. Witty and Big Pain left. After they left, Rockstar picked up a ukulele and began goofing around. We played on the computer for about a hour. Then we ate dinner. Then...


Rockstar's nanny brought us popcorn. Then, for a bit, we were throwing up popcorn and catching it in our mouths.

What a night.

Wordless Wednesday: Mmmmmmmm...

...Welcoming home Big Pain can be delicious.

Ladies And Gentlemen, Boys And Girls, The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For

The Pet Rock contest is officially over.

And there you have it.

The winner is: LUX! And the name is FuFu.

Winners, nice job. Contestants, thank you. Okay, winners, please send Ms. Witty / FeeFiFoto your address. Anyone who got a honorable mention, if you'd like one, please do the same.

Special Honorable Mentions go to: FeeFiFoto, (My wonderful camera-mom) Lisa, (for linking to my contest) Stellaluna (for 2nd place), Janice, (for 3rd place) Rita / Scarlett / Sloopy / Anonymous / Anonymous (for determination.)

Honorable Mentions go to: , Meemsnyc, Ga Farmwoman, Toni, Carol, Stine, Nessa, The Natural State Hawg, Sissyann, Daisy, Leslie, Kmunse.

Thank you everybody!

Rock Band. Get it?

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: My New Pet Rock Contest

It doesn't have a name yet.Thanks to Daisy the Curly Cat for this "rocking" idea!

If anyone has name suggestions, I'd like to hear them!

Let's make a contest:

Leave me a comment with your name suggestion, and my pet rock will pick. I do not know if it's a boy or girl. What do you think? The winner will receive their own pet rock! Complete with googley eyes.

Deadline: 8/13/08 August 13, 2008.

Wordless Wednesday: I Made My Own Pancakes!

They are delicious! It was my idea to put in chocolate chips and cinnamon!

2 More Days!

Wow, only two more days until Pet Rock and I do our naming contest judging. The competition is very hard, (22 comments!) Now I'm not going to mention names, (Feefifoto) but I'm very suspicious about somebody (Rita, oops, "Anonymous") stuffing the ballot box.

Pet Rock is very excited. We will show you the naming process soon.

Photo Hunters: Dark


Ms. Witty's "Rolling Stones" Nursery

Shhhhhhhhh! They're asleep!

Aren't they adorable?Ms. Witty made me something last night. A pet rock nursery. If you enter my pet rock contest, but do not win, you will still get a pet rock from the nursery.

My Rainbow Sodas

Mmmmmmm. Rainbow sodas.
Yes, that is MY refrigerator. I arranged it. Isn't it pretty? They're for my swim party. We're going to dive for them. We've also got a watermelon to throw in the pool. Last year, my cousin jumped in the pool, fished out the watermelon, and tried to give it CPR. LOL.

Laaa La! Laaaa La! We're Gonna Make You Popular!

Like Ms. Witty at the Feefifoto Blog, well, you'll see what she has to say about it.

But, really. Is it fair that I have the Wicked soundtrack racing around my head? No.

So now you must get annoyed with it too.

Got that? Good.

Ooooooh, Pretty!

It's aaaaall mine!Yep, it's mine. I'm serious. All. Mine. It's going to be a felted purse.

I'm going to post about it when I'm done.