So, Last Night I Was Over At Rockstar's House, To Watch...

Cheetah Girls
...The world premier of the Cheetah Girls One World movie. So, let me tell you about our great night:

First, I went up to her door and rang the bell. Rockstar, closely tailed by her 4 year old brother, who says he will be 5 on September 42nd, now known as Him. Well, anyway, they came running to the door. Big Pain carried around Him for a minute or two, and then Ms. Witty and Big Pain left. After they left, Rockstar picked up a ukulele and began goofing around. We played on the computer for about a hour. Then we ate dinner. Then...


Rockstar's nanny brought us popcorn. Then, for a bit, we were throwing up popcorn and catching it in our mouths.

What a night.


meagan_r_123* said...

sounds like fun! i loove pop corn

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