What? I have a reason to be excited. What is it? Well...


End Of Year Lists:

Since school is almost over, my mom said I should tell you some things I liked:

Art: I made a really great mask of Violet

Language Arts: Animal Expo rocks! PS: So do albino bottlenose dolphins.

Social Studies: MARKET DAY!!! WAGONS WEST!!! SAIL AMERICA!!! (New York is cool!)

There's probably more, I just am not thinking about them.

Warning: This Post Is So Funny That I Can't Think Of A Good Title For It

I saw the new "Night at the Museum" movie. WOW! This was something I didn't even realize.

On Memorial Day

Remember those who died like you'll remember this image.

PS: Happy almost summer! School's out on Friday for me, and on Thursday, for the end of year party, we're having a CARWASH! (Only teachers and parents, tips go to the 3rd grade teachers.) (It was my mom's idea.) On Friday, I get to throw Froot Loops at the 6th graders while they do their graduation procession. (Best part of the year!) Sadly, Big Pain did not stay at my school for 6th grade, so I do not get to throw Froot Loops at him.

This Is Poppy!

Ms. Witty made a post about her. You can read it here. My mom's a really funny writer. You'll appreciate it as much as I did. It warms you up and makes you smile like hot chocolate on a snowy day.

Anyway, she also made a video of Poppy. It is 26 seconds long, and called "Poppy In Motion".


Wish Me Luck!

Why? 'Cause I'm running a 5K (3.1 mile) race TODAY! I know, I know, it sounds so familiar. That's because I wrote about it. Yes, I did. Go back in my history to last week. It's there. Anyway...

Wish me luck!

Girls On The Run

I'm doing this cool program called Girls on the Run. In about 2 months, groups of girls prepare for a big 5K (3.1 miles) run. I am doing the big 5K on May 17th, and I already ran a practice 5K. My time (yes they timed us) was 41.29 (41 minutes and 29 seconds.) Not bad, eh? Today my running buddy (my aunt) is taking me to run again. I hope I don't pass out!

Voldemort's New Buddy

Actually, I'm changing Voldemort's name. Her real name is Violet. This picture is our new dog, Poppy. From now on, you'll be hearing from Violet AND Poppy! Isn't that great-tastic?

She's a rescue dog. Her breed is Tibetan Terrier, just like Violet. I just took her on a walk, and I LOVE her!

Hi Again

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Ms. Witty's computer wasn't working.

Anyway, I'm sad to report I will not be doing Friday Jokes anymore. It's become too hard.

Don't worry, I'm funny enough.


PS: Just in case, I have the last of the series:

So when Wendy celebrated her 1st birthday, her favorite present was...

A Jack in the Box.