Photo Hunters: Thankful

Well, today I HAVE NO PICTURE! Can you believe that? No. I do, actually. It's not A picture. It's THE picture. You've come to my blog. And now, you see...


Yes, it's true. I'm thankful to Ana at Chica and Pumuckl. She made me this GORGEOUS design. Thanks Ana! You ROCK!

I've had some minor changes. Name, identity. Now's the major one: DESIGN. Don't you love, love, LOVE it?

Friday Jokes

I told you we'd have a cupcake- related joke. Here it is:

Two cupcakes are sitting in an oven. One turns to the other and says "Man, it's getting HOT in here." The other one turns to the other and says "Ahhhhh! A talking cupcake!"

Happy Friday Jokes! Ha, ha, ha. I'm doing Photo Hunters tomorrow. See you then!

The Second VIC (Very Important Change)

Now, I've changed my name. Now, I'm gonna change. Again! This time, watch out. When I comment, don't look for "Hannah Fanna."

Look for "The Cupcake!" Yup. That's me!

Tune in on Friday for my cupcake- related hahalarious joke.

Then, tune in on Saturday for the biggest change of all.

Duh, duh, DUHHHHHH.

Friday Jokes

Let's get right to it!

Q: What's a cat's favorite kind of cheese?

You know the drill, when you're ready, blah blah blah, go down, yeah, yeah, yeah.

A: Mousarella cheese.

The First Change

That"s right! I'm changing my name today! Yayyyyyyyy!

Our next thing I'll tell you in a week. The 25th, to be exact.

Until Friday Jokes, au revoir!

You shall now know me not as "The Big Hannah Montana Fan", but as The Cupcake Bakery! Yayyyyyy!

My Blogaversary's Coming!

Yay! In honor of that, I'll have three changes! Can anyone guess what they are? *Cricket chirps* Anyone?
Hello, is anyone even here?

Okay, I'll give you the first one. My name's going from "The Big Hannah Montana Fan" to...
(Drumroll please)

The Cupcake Bakery

Are you happy-cited or WHAT? Here's the story behind the name:

Ms. Witty and my grandpa both call me their "Cupcake."

Great story, huh?

This will happen on February 18th, 2009! See you then!

Friday Jokes

Here's the joke for today:

Q: How can you tell the difference between a dog and a dogwood tree?

Are you ready? Continue down when you know the answer.

A: By the bark! Ha, ha, ha!

PS: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day. Whatever. Bye.


I'm back! Don't worry, you'll see lots of pictures!

See You Later!

I'm going to New York. I'll be back Monday. See you then!

Wordless Wednesday: Look! My Mom Got Me A Favicon!

This happened a while ago. She contacted her graphics person and asked her to make me a favicon. And guess what? She did! Enjoy my favicon. Thanks, Ms. Witty!