There's not much to do over here in the world. I spent half an hour watching the TV yesterday, waiting for a tsunami to hit Hawaii.

It never came.

And there are those poor people in Chile... I feel so bad for them.

My grandparents visited Chile just last year. My grandma says it's pronounced, "Chee-layy".

I believe her.

And just like they had "Text HAITI to 90999" or something like that, if you send a text to a certain number and write, "CHILE" they will donate 10 dollars to helping them.

Meanwhile, I have something nearly as bad as a 8.8 earthquake.

I have homework. *GASP!* Okay, maybe homework isn't as bad as an earthquake.

Well, nothing to do.

Peace out, Internet!


Wordless Wednesday: My Christmas Tree



That's what I say when I'm bored. I'm pretty bored, except for my computer. Check out this awesome picture:
And then there's this which I found a long time ago but is still cool:

Then there's this picture I posted on my blog. It is the result from this "Which Greek Goddess Are You?" quiz I found.

And that's about it. But I posted some new YouTube videos!

My Review Of The Lightning Thief Is The Only One That Matters, Right Linda?

So I've seen the Lightning Thief twice already and might see it again. Here's my review, the only one that matters:

The story was a bit off, their quest wasn't like in the book BUT I still loved it.

I loved how the pen turned into his sword, Riptide. I loved the scenes of him sitting at the bottom of the pool.

Wait, I have a confession.

I'm Hannah Montana.

Just kidding! I'm sure it was obvious BUT...

I loved it.

Do yourself a favor ASAP:

Go see The Lightning Thief.

And I mean it.

Right Chili? Rockstar?

Can Someone Tell Me?

What is with BOYS and STAR WARS!?!? I don't get it!!!! I got 3 Star Wars valentines in my bag. One has Mannequin Skywalker, another has that green dude, Coda (is he a little seasick?), and one with the girl that has cinnamon rolls on her ears. And one of those was handwritten and said "May the force be with you!____"!!! I DON'T GET IT! Can someone with a son, brother, I don't care who it is, tell me PLEASE! Another example:

Today we (the girls) were banging our hands on the table singing "Dadada! Dadada! ELMO'S WORLD!" and the boys made it "Dadada! Dadada! STAR WARS!"



Hi L_____! This post is dedicated to you and I think you know who you are because I owe you a quarter on Sunday. Know who you are? Hope so. I'll be seeing you on Sunday when we play laser tag and on Monday at my (and Chili's) birthday party?

And now for the real post...

My birthday party's on Monday, I scream whenever I see commercials for The Lightning Thief, and I had a spelling test yeasterday. (Yeasterday? Yesterday.) On that happy note, I'm starting to memmorize (memmorize? Memorize.) the commercials for The Lightning Thief. No one gave enough candy in the valentines, my favorites belonged to S.T. (know who she is, L_____) and J.K. (no, not the author of Harry Potter. Know who he is, L_____?) And in French class, we learned that instead of "Honey" and "Sweetie"n they call each other cabbages and fleas. And now I'm hungry. (No surprise there!) Hi Mom! Hi L_____!

PS: The Lightning Thief commercial just went on. I screamed so loud!