My Review Of The Lightning Thief Is The Only One That Matters, Right Linda?

So I've seen the Lightning Thief twice already and might see it again. Here's my review, the only one that matters:

The story was a bit off, their quest wasn't like in the book BUT I still loved it.

I loved how the pen turned into his sword, Riptide. I loved the scenes of him sitting at the bottom of the pool.

Wait, I have a confession.

I'm Hannah Montana.

Just kidding! I'm sure it was obvious BUT...

I loved it.

Do yourself a favor ASAP:

Go see The Lightning Thief.

And I mean it.

Right Chili? Rockstar?


Linda said...

In our school they rented out a movie theater and took the entire 6th grade class to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Lightning Thief. That what I call my idea of a good field trip!

Linda said...

Last week in our school the entire sixth grade class went to see the movie. That's what I call my kind of a great field trip!

Anonymous said...

heyy what bout me?????
smiley:) :D

The Cupcake said...

OMG! Is that you, LMM? My friend with the Taylor Lautner cutout in her living room?

Anonymous said...

well duh!:D :)

Anonymous said...

and he is in the sleepover room now!
:D :) =)

The Cupcake said...

UPDATE: Now I have seen the Lightning Thief 3 times-- I'm going for a record!

PS: Smiley, please remind me not to go into your sleepover room. Ever.

Anonymous said...

well i wont hehehe;D

Anonymous said...

yoyoyo 2day is my b-day i am officialy 10!

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