Hi L_____! This post is dedicated to you and I think you know who you are because I owe you a quarter on Sunday. Know who you are? Hope so. I'll be seeing you on Sunday when we play laser tag and on Monday at my (and Chili's) birthday party?

And now for the real post...

My birthday party's on Monday, I scream whenever I see commercials for The Lightning Thief, and I had a spelling test yeasterday. (Yeasterday? Yesterday.) On that happy note, I'm starting to memmorize (memmorize? Memorize.) the commercials for The Lightning Thief. No one gave enough candy in the valentines, my favorites belonged to S.T. (know who she is, L_____) and J.K. (no, not the author of Harry Potter. Know who he is, L_____?) And in French class, we learned that instead of "Honey" and "Sweetie"n they call each other cabbages and fleas. And now I'm hungry. (No surprise there!) Hi Mom! Hi L_____!

PS: The Lightning Thief commercial just went on. I screamed so loud!


Linda said...

So when are we going to hear YOUR offical review of The Lightning Thief, since your opinion is the only one that matters?

The Cupcake said...

Sometime today, Linda! My mom took me to see it last night. In short: BEST. MOVIE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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