VIAs (Very Important Announcements)

Now before we have our announcements, I have a VIA.

Let's see, where did it go, hmmmm, let's see, school announcement, math test, wow, I should really turn in that spelling, here it is! Oh, no. That's just a picture of me.

Ahem. Sorry. I thought I had a VIA. False alarm.

Now, let's get to those announcements.

Okay, let's see, party invitation, phone bill-- hey! Wait! That's not even mine!

Okie dokie. Ahem. Well, that was embarrassing.

As you probably know by now--wait, you don't know? Well, false alarm. There are no VIAs, or even plain As.

Thanks for letting me bore you.

Wordless Wednesday: How Rude!

Happy Birthday To Him

Remember Him? Rockstar's little brother? Tomorrow's his 5th birthday.

Thank you for letting me waste one precious minute of your special life. Just thought I'd let you know.

Plop: The Third Part

Okay, here's a clue:

Now, here's your other clues:

And this:

You know where I'm going, right? Now go read my post. Oh here's my other one. Go! Shoo!

You're done already? Wow.

So just kick back, relax, and enjoy another food disaster.

So, I had pasta for dinner. I was swaying around as I carried my plate to the table. *Flashback*
*I come back to reality*
Okay, sorry. Only this time, it didn't go BOOM. And it didn't go Tssssssssss either. It went:

I looked down at my dinner. On the floor. (I cleaned it up.)

PS: Ms. Witty made me more pasta.

Very Sad News

Today, my furry friend Daisy the Curly Cat had an awful loss. Her wonderful sister Pixie, left her today. Pixie is now far beyond our reach. Daisy thinks that in honor of Pixie, we should all eat a banana today.

Rest in peace, Pixie. We will miss you.

What Do You Do At A Sleepover When You're Bored?

Spit takes. That's right. Spit takes.

Okay, let's back up. Let me tell you the full story. Okay? Rewind.

So I had a sleepover with Rockstar and my newest newcomer to my blog my new-ish friend Bamboo. Why is she Bamboo? Because of the poem she made in second grade.

By: Bamboo
Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo.
Juicy bamboo, sweet bamboo, delicious bamboo.
Last of all, but best of all,
Pandas, spring, bamboo.

I know. Genius. Just for fun, I'll tell you her other hit.

By: Bamboo
I saw elk.
They were eating.
I got down and pretended to be an elk.
I love winter.

I know. Genius. But let's not get sidetracked. So, let's fast forward to the pizza. So, the pizza delivery guy came. We ate pizza. For dessert, we had cookies. Then, the best part of the whole night: Spit takes ! Luckily, Bamboo and I will laugh at anything. So, we stood by the door. When we gave the thumbs up, we would say something as lame as "pudding". Well, I said it was lame, didn't I? Okay, so it was totally awesome. I'll never forget it.

Is This Some Kind Of Joke?

So, have you read about my experience with oyster crackers? Well, if you haven't, you're in for a surprise.

Now go read about my oyster crackers and don't come back 'till you've read every single word!

Okay, have you done it? Good. So, let's get started!

Okay, here's a hint:

Kids, never try this at home.
Okay, now do you think you know? Let's put it together. Sprite+My oyster crackers adventure=Uh-oh. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes, you are good.

Here's how it happened:

So, Big Pain was at school, and he bought me a Sprite. We got to his school, and he ran. With the soda in his backpack. You see where I'm going with this, right? Yup. I think you're smart enough to see the problem. So, he got in the car, and said, "Hannah Fanna, I got something for you." I replied "Oh cool, thanks!" And out he pulled the bottle. Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. I opened it. But this time, it didn't go BOOM. It went the way that always happens. Tsssssssssssssssss. I was soaked.

Why am I cursed?

PS: Big Pain kept on apologizing.

Just In Case You Don't Know By Now...

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

Hey! Look!

I helped Ms. Witty write a post. You can read it here. Thanks, guys. you rock.

Tomorrows Weather? Sunny, With Slight Showers Of Oyster Crackers

Flying oyster crackers.So, Labor Day weekend was a blast. Blast, geddit? Oh, well, you'll get it soon.

So, anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted by... by... by, oh you are good. Fine, I interrupted myself.

Okay, no more distractions... *Distant music plays* Ooh! The ice cream truck!

Okay, fine. I went out to lunch in Springfield, Illinois. I got chili. They came with, ooh, you guested it! Oyster crackers! So, I was opening my oyster crackers, so I tried popping it. Pop! It popped, but nothing happened. I tried pinching and pulling. And then...


The oyster crackers flew like a firework display. One hit Big Pain in the eye.


There were people walking in the door right as it exploded, that got showered. With oyster crackers.

Now do you get my little thing about a blast?

Have you ever gotten showered with oyster crackers?