VIAs (Very Important Announcements)

Now before we have our announcements, I have a VIA.

Let's see, where did it go, hmmmm, let's see, school announcement, math test, wow, I should really turn in that spelling, here it is! Oh, no. That's just a picture of me.

Ahem. Sorry. I thought I had a VIA. False alarm.

Now, let's get to those announcements.

Okay, let's see, party invitation, phone bill-- hey! Wait! That's not even mine!

Okie dokie. Ahem. Well, that was embarrassing.

As you probably know by now--wait, you don't know? Well, false alarm. There are no VIAs, or even plain As.

Thanks for letting me bore you.


Carol said...

You little toad! I read all the way through that waiting for the VIA. :-/

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