Happy Passover!

I do not have homework for Passover, yippe yi yay! And Chili is gonna be my guest to the Seder (no, not satyr, Seder) and that'll be fun. Plus I like matzah pizza. It's good. I am still working on the posts, I promise I will have them on by the end of the week.


Yippe yi yo, yippe yi yay, we start art class tomorrow!

Do, a deer, a female deer...


I had fun in Girls on the Run today.


I'm Back!!!

I got home on Friday but was really tired so I slept all day, woke up at 9:30 PM, and went to bed at 3 AM.

I am not quite ready to post my daily accounts of Israel, I still need to put in pictures but I promise that I will find time to post them.

Peace out!

PS: Friday/Saturday was Rockstar's 10th birthday! Happy birthday!

PSS: (There is more on Rockstar, Upchuck!)

Israeli Stuff

I am going to leave for Israel tomorrow! I am so happy happy happy happy happy happy happy! We are going to extend the trip a bit. Big Pain's friend was going to fly in for a visit but because they're extending the trip he won't be able to come in. But my loss isn't as bad. My online book club (did I mention that I'm in an online book club? Well I am.) is going to discuss The Lightning Thief, only my ALL TIME FAVORITE book (I saw the movie for the 3rd time today!) and it ends on the 26th, the day we get back. But since we get back reaaaally early, I'll have time to finish it up. Yipee!


Update On Israel

Okay, so our flight was canceled so we had to reschedule. We will leave on Monday for Newark and by Tuesday, we will be in Israel! And that is good. And bad. Good, because, well, we will be in Israel. Bad, because, Big Pain and our 14 year old cousin were going to have a Bar Mitzvah together. Big Pain's Bar Mitzvah is in two months an our cousin's was last year. They will not be able to do the Bar Mitzvah. :-(


So we were supposed to catch a flight to Newark, and from there we were to go to Irael. The flight to Newark, New Jersey, was supposed to be at 2:30. It has been delayed a lot, we may not even get to go to Newark. This is sooo horrible!!! Please, Bill Gates, please reaaally quickly invent a teleporter machine thingy so that we can just teleport to Israel!!!1! Please, Bill Gates!Help us! Right now, my mom is with my grandpa, (probably) yelling at the Continental people. Please!!! Help us Bill Gates!



Bon Voyage!

Okay, so I am going to Israel and will not be back until the 24. Oh March, of course. I may/may not be able to write blog posts, depends on if we have Wi-Fi in our hotel. Don't worry, I am bringing my laptop. Also do not worry because even if I can't POST my blog posts, at least I can WRITE them and then publish them when I get back. Ummm... well hello and goodbye from me, my brother, my mom, my grandma, my grandpa, my aunt, my uncle, my cousin, my other cousin, and my other cousin.

Goodbye Internet! See you in ten days! Wish me bon voyage! (Because I take French, I know that that means good trip. I am really smart.)

Adios, Internet!