It's Now Officially Summer!

And I am so glad! I'm now an official third grader! Okie dokie everyone! Have a great summer! Bye!

What Time Is It? Summer Time,

It's our vacation! What time is it? Party time! Schools out, that's right, say it loud!

Yes, today is finally the last day of school! Aloha, third grade!

Today Is Memorial Day. Everyone, Take Your Hats Off While We Honor These People.

I'd like to have everyone reading this think about people who died in war for our country.

Maybe you knew someone who died in a war? Well this is the day to honor how brave they were.

Today is Memorial Day. (And my friend's birthday.)

Hey Voldemort! Go Get Your Cheese!

I made a real video with Voldemort this time. As you will learn, she is not good at finding cheese. This one, is funny. I am not lying. Just ask Ms. Witty if you don't believe me. Ms. Witty told me it is exactly 1:00 (one minute.) Please like it!

I'm entering this video in Kimo and Sabi's Jump and Shout Contest to raise money for the Cat Friends Helping Friends Organization, even though Voldemort is really a dog.

Photo Hunters: SHOES!

Another PhotoHunt. This time for shoes. Okie dokie. So, this is my feet the first time I got a pedicure. But look! I'm wearing SHOES! (Or flip-flops. Whichever you prefer.)

Another PhotoHunt

Want to see the rest of my Photo Hunts? Click here and here.

It's Really, Cheap, I'm Telling You!

My blog is worth $5,645.40.
How much is your blog worth?

Blog for sale! Blog for sale! Only $5,645.40. Not that expensive, eh?

Congratulations! *I Mean To Say That In A Gameshow Host Voice.*

Remember how I just won an award? Well, I'd like to nominate some of my favorite blogs.

First off, Ms. Witty's blog, FeeFiFoto Blog, an excellent sense of humor (and my mom).

Then we have my good old pal Daisy, a great source of goofiness and cuteness.

Then we have smart Kay's K9s, who makes great models of dogs and cats.

Here's your award ladies! Visit here to get the code for it.

Omigosh! This Is So Unexpected!

I'm really that good!

Look at me! I won an award from The Mom With Brownies! Thank you so much! I'm gonna make my acceptance speech. *Rustling of papers*Shoot, I lost my speech. Oh well. Thank you everybody!

Wanna see it?


Thanks, so much!

Isn't it pretty?

Thank you again! I love you all!

*I make a diva-like exit.*

Mmmmmm... A Great Photo Hunters Breakfast!

The Hershey's syrup was Big Pain's idea.

Photo Hunters Time! This week's theme is Candy. (Oh, boy! That was my breakfast!)

My second PhotoHunt:


I'm tired, so here's my post:


Wasn't that fun?

ps: I got this idea from Randomosity.

Voldemort Visits

I made a fun video, with Voldemort. Please watch it!

I'll have Voldemort say a word of her part: Woof, woof, arf! Woof, woof, woof, arf.

(I hope it works!)

(Ms. Witty is banging some pans in the background, pay no attention to that.)

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming, Swimming...

Why did I stop?
This is a picture of me Ms. Witty took. She put this picture on a photo mug from her website. (She made me say that.)

World Wide News...

Isn't this cool?

Yes, I got a cellphone. It's pretty cool. I know.

Wordless Wednesday: Not A Joke!

More like ROFL!
I'm not kidding. I saw it. I did not use Photoshop. Ms. Witty took this picture, and put it on her blog. She says the same thing I am saying. See her if you don't believe me.

The Random Question Of May

Q: What European city do you belong in?

A: I ended up with Barcelona. I went there once!

Anyway, here's the quiz:

You Belong in Barcelona

When it comes to Europe, you don't want to decide between culture and fun. You want art by day and a big party by night.

Barcelona is ideal for you. You can check out some Picasso, eat some tapas, take a siesta, and then dance all night!

Ok, that's enough. In my next post I'll write about the time I went to Barcelona.