Congratulations! *I Mean To Say That In A Gameshow Host Voice.*

Remember how I just won an award? Well, I'd like to nominate some of my favorite blogs.

First off, Ms. Witty's blog, FeeFiFoto Blog, an excellent sense of humor (and my mom).

Then we have my good old pal Daisy, a great source of goofiness and cuteness.

Then we have smart Kay's K9s, who makes great models of dogs and cats.

Here's your award ladies! Visit here to get the code for it.


********* said...

Hi there !
(Blogging)It's really a cool idea to come up with your ideas n creative thoughts and all that.Keep going !
Visit my blog as well :-
Can we xchange links if yes then leave a msg in my c box!

Daisy said...

Ah, thank you ever so much for thinking of me!

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