Wordless Wednesday: Does ANYONE Need This?

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PS: Happy New Years Eve!

In A Time Of Good, Please Help Heal

Remember my pet rock contest? The winner was the great cat who is now my friend, Luxor. Luxor has been having a heart problem. If you will, please go to his blog and send him good wishes.

Visit Lux at:

PS: Check out my Christmas post under this one!

Merry Christmas (Even Though I'm Jewish)

I just wanted to say, well, merry Christmas. Even though I'm Jewish. But that doesn't matter. Because I have so many non-Jewish friends, things like these seem important.

Merry Christmas, and many more to follow.

Will You Please Tell Me?

Ms. Witty posted this on her blog last year.

It's pretty funny, huh?

Happy... er... Hanukah? No, Chanukah?

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I Hear Cheering?...

... Because I'm now on winter break! Hip hip hooray! I made it through a whole semester! (It was hard.)

PS: I think I need glasses!

Let Me Tell You About Wagons West...

Since this year I'm in third grade, I have Wagons West. Wagons West is the study of westward expansion. We read books and do big projects. We've just finished Sail America. (Don't ask.) It's going to be fun and I can't wait. I think it will be awesome. Big Pain did this, and it went great. He even dried fruit like the pioneers did. It was really cool. Soon my winter break starts, then school gets back on my birthday. When school gets back, we're gonna start on the real projects.

I can't wait!

Photo Hunters: Favorite

For the Photo Hunters today, I thought.
And thought.
And thought.
Until, I got hungry.
I went to the cupboard to get something to eat, and guess what I saw!

C'mon. Actually think.

Okay, I found POP TARTS! And guess what!


So, next you'll see a frosted cinnamon-thingy.

Ta Da!
Happy Photo Hunters!

PS: Today is my aunt's birthday!

WIP (Will It Pop) Bloopers

Make sure you are ready to laugh. This one's a whopper. You're gonna love it. Make sure you want awesomeness.

We will need to make more episodes. If you have any ideas please tell me. I need some.

I'm Sorry...

I'll get the bloopers up later. Bye!

Our Next "Will It Pop?"

Our next episode.

Did you predict it would splash? Did you predict it would splash on the camera lens?

Then you got the right answer!

Tomorrow I will post bloopers. You will love them. Keep checking for more awesomeness. See you tomorrow!

Our First Episode Of "Will It Pop?"

Rockstar and I got together today. We decided to have some fun. We made the first ever episode of...

Will It Pop?

Here's Rockstar with her point of view:
"Will It Pop it mostly about a semi sphere that pops. (It is hollow.) It was really fun filming it. Hope you enjoy it.Thank you!!!!:

Rockstar's right. If Ms. Witty hadn't deleted them, we'd even have bloopers.
PS: I'm in the jean jacket. Rockstar's in the sunglasses.

Wordless Wednesday: I'm Not Stupid, You Know

Wait for it...
Ta Da!

No School!

I have NO SCHOOL! The power's out! Isn't that like soooooo so soooooooooooo cool??? Huh, huh, huuuuuuuuuh?

Bye bye.
Hannah Fannah

PS: I'll do another post today. It'll be fun.