Cellphones, What Would We Do Without Them?

Yes. Ask yourself. Why the heck am I looking at a picture of a Pink Razr and another of text messaging?

Okay. Did you do it?


Now, I will tell you. I have to whisper or she will hear though. TEXT MESSAGING IS MY FAVORITE WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH MY BEST FRIEND!

Oops, was that a bit too loud?

The only problem, yes we do have a problem, is that her dad has an i-phone, and my mom has a razr. She is a bit faster. Also, she doesn't know how to backspace, so we have the occasional occasion where I get confused by typos.She is grounded for a week because she didn't stop texting and is, I expect, horribly bored.

I can't wait for next week Rockstar!

No, she's not that good. And, hey! What's the name of the restaurant? I hope it's good. I don't like cheap food.


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