Passover Is Joyful

I know. No one knew I was Jewish. Does anyone know what Passover is? Comment on my blog and say if you do. Those who don't, Google it immediately. I also have good news. I will be introducing a close friend of mine, Smiley, today.

Smiley, is another close friend of mine. In my family, every grandchild is allowed to bring a friend to a Passover Seder. Last year, I brought Rockstar. This year, I invited Smiley to come.

Don't forget to comment or Google!


Daisy said...

I hope you have a happy Passover! Peace and joy to you and your family and friends.

triz said...

Happy passover! hag sameach! :-)

megr123 said...

cool I'm a Jew too! happy passover!

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