For Pixie

Pixie, Is Daisy's big sister. I love them both. You can visit Daisy and Pixie both here. Visit them. I do every morning. Anyway, this is for Pixie. I like Harry Potter, and Pixie likes bananers.

Anyway, here it is:

I think it's funny. I hope Pixie watches it.


Pixie said...

WOWIE! Thanks for posting a video for me. I cannot believe it is a BANANER phone! This proves, once and for all, that bananers rule.

Thanks for being my friend.

Carol said...

LOL, now that was cute. Rocky didn't watch it (he is the tux cat who owns us) but webduck did (me). Keep up the cute posts! I'll be back!

felinesopher said...

are you really 8 years, so amazing that you have this cool blog:) it's great to know you, keep up the good work!

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