If All The Raindrops Were Lemon Drops And Gumdrops I'd See Rockstar Get Her Ears Pierced

Yesterday, it was beautiful where I live.


It rained cats and dogs. How do I know? I think I stepped in a poodle!

That meant that I could not go with Rockstar to get her ears pierced. But Wynner got to go because Wynner lives a block away from Rockstar.

I cried hamsters and guinea pigs. (I was that sad.)


Daisy said...

You had bad weather where you live? Well, hail! 'Snow-body's fault, really.

I better stop while I am ahead. Or am I ahead? I look more like a whole body. Hahahahahahahaha!

I hope the worst April Fools Day joke you get today are my terrible puns.

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