Braces? Anybody? Retainer? Anybody?

I found out last night that I need a retainer. The orthodontist said I have Ms. Witty's teeth. I think Big Pain isn't so keen on the idea. It only looks like he has bad teeth. This might mean I'll get braces before him. Yay me!*clapping a lot.* I'm kind of excited! I'm going to get it in two weeks. It will be sparkly pink, and sparkly silver. They had to make a mold, and I had a nasty tasting flavor: fruit punch. I gagged, I coughed, I spit. Because... It was nasty. I never want to do that again. Ever. Notice the emphasis on "EVER."


Ada said...

Hello Ms. Hannah
Great to see another Hannah Montana fan, my 5-year old daughter adores her!

Dropping in as per your moms orders lol.

Take care!

Daisy said...

I did not know they made them in sparkly pink and sparkly silver! That kind of makes me wish they made them for cats, too.

meagan_r_123* said...

hi dotn delete me this time lol

JoLynn Braley said...

I bet when you're 18 you'll be glad you went through this because you'll have beautiful teeth! :)

Maya said...

Hi. Your blog seems really cute. Come see mine,

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