Israel Day Three

At 8:00 we got on the bus. First, we did something very exciting.

Big Pain and Royal Pain became Bar Mitzvahs. Well, Royal P was Bar Mitzvah-ed(?) last year and Big P’s is coming up in June. Royal is 14, Big will be 13 in May.

My big brother is a man.

Then, after that, we went to the whatchamacallit--Parliament--thingy--Knesset. It was cool. Very cool. We saw 3 tapestries that took the artist 8 YEARS to make . We also saw the room where all of the people vote and that stuff.

Then, everyone went to the Holocaust Museum thingy-ma-bobber. Everyone but me (My mom: “It‘s too scary!”) and my grandma. (Did I mention that this is her 36th trip to Israel?) We went back to the hotel and had a W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L lunch. I had minestrone and blintzes (one of the best foods ever, right up there with pizza, sushi, chocolate, and kugel.) I also ordered a hot chocolate. They brought me a cup full of warm milk with foam on the top. There was a chocolate truffle thingy on the bottom and I got to stir it up. Then, when we went out to dinner, I got tuna.

Peace out America!


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