Israel: Day #1:

Hi! I finally got around to posting the first post of my trip to Israel. No pictures.

The plane ride was long and the food was gross. I was cramped and my legs hurt.

Finally, we got off the plane and walked through the airport. The David Ben Gurion airport was beautiful. We got our bags, took some pictures, and hopped on the bus.

Yeah, I know that tour guides are supposed to never stop talking (maybe I should be one?) but ours talked wayyy too much. We saw the Old City and a stray cat that rubbed past my legs, like, 3 times. We also saw a replica of the Old City. (WOW!) our lunch was fabulous although I think we ordered wayyy too much. We went back to the hotel, where we had to wait 2 hours for our room to be ready. When we got the room, we realized that the room I am sharing with my mom is the Midget Room. It’s reaaally small and the bed is reaaally low.
For dinner we ate Moroccan food. It was great, and they gave us a fez. (I think I spelled that right.) half of the people tried it on: Big Pain, my cousin Royal Pain, my cousin Jumbo Pain, my grandpa, my uncle…

And then we went back to the hotel and now I am sitting here, drafting this post that I will post when I get home or get Wi-Fi.

Tomorrow we go to the Dead Sea!!!!1!!!!1! :-D

Oh, and PS? If you’re reading this, hi Linda! Hi Upchuck!


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