Have You Read...

Because I just did. It's a good book. I borrowed it from a friend of mine.

Want to hear a dramaticish description I made up? Okay. Here.

"Enter the world of the Penderwicks. The father, and his four daughters. Rosalind, the oldest, Skye, the bad-tempered one, Jane, the dramatic one, and Batty, the youngest and sometimes craziest one. See how Batty makes friends with the next-door-neighbor, how Skye and Jane swap homework, only to lead up to a fiasco, and Rosalind runs in to trouble that's only too common for her age in books. But the father has a problem that gets them all: He's got to start dating again. This can only mean one, oops, I mean two words: Uh-oh. Wait. Is "uh-oh" two words?"

So. What did you think? Was it good?

Okay, well, this was the sequel to The Penderwicks.

I read it last summer. It's just as fun. I think my favorite part was when Skye tried to make cookies. And notice I said "tried". She set them on broil. She went upstairs and worked in a math book. After about an hour, she smelled smoke. She went downstairs and found out she nearly burnt down the house.

Well, there's my opinion on the Penderwicks. Check it out!

PS: I'm going to London tomorrow!


Daisy said...

Your description makes me want to read that book!

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