As my returning audience most likely knows, I leave for camp in a week.

I will be spending not one, not two, not four, but EIGHT weeks in Minnesota!

I have never gone away to camp for eight weeks before. To keep you coming back, my darling mother will be posting with news from me and what she has to say.

I'm really excited to be going to camp. I'm going for my third year, and I get to be a big sister for the first time! A big sister is matched up with a little sister to mentor. The little sister is a first year camper. (Although sometimes the little sister is older than the big sister-- that happened to my brother and one of his little brothers.) My job is to make sure my sister feels comfortable at camp. I can say, from experience, it helps a lot. When I got off the bus at camp my first year, the only people I knew were my big sister and my cousin, Moo.

But we don't spend the whole time in the wilderness among the mosquitoes and loons. Every Thursday we pack up our backpacks and get on a bus to for an Adventure Day. We do all sorts of cool stuff on Adventure Day- we go to the beach, Lake Itasca, a science center, and I think we even go to a pool. (On one of the trips, we go to Dairy Queen! the first time I ever had Dairy Queen was when I went on that trip, and guess what? I didn't like it!)

Camp is pretty cozy considering where we are. our cabins are really nice-- they even have bathrooms! We have really good food, too. Everyone says that girls camp food is waaaaaaay better than boys camp food, even my own brother!

I can't wait to go!


PS: This is my 321st post! Unbelievable, right? Well, BELIEVE IT!


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