Ermahgerd, Internet! It's me! Hi!

I thought I would catch you up on how my life is going. Um, let's see. Did I mention Big Pain is driving? Oh yeah.  He got his permit in August.

Ermahgerd, sterdent drerving!

Also, last week I talked to a couple who has won three Tony Awards.  They let me hold one.

Ermahgerd, Terny Erwerds!

I also went tree climbing with my brother. We tied ourselves on to ropes and then hoisted ourselves up into the trees.

Ermahgerd, trer clermbing!

I hope my blog post has helped you have an excellent day.  Just remember, ERMAHGERD!


Linda said...

You may not win a Tony, but it would not surprise me if you won a Nobel Prize, just not the peace prize with Big Pain.

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