I Can Haz Cellphone? A Story in Pictures. And Words. So Basically, It's Just A Normal Story.

I was like:

And my mom was all, "Okay. You lost your last one, so I guess you need a new one."

And I was like:

So after a long time of waiting, my mom finally got around to taking me to Best Buy. On the way home after that, I was like:
Picture from The Dork Diaries.

I'm SO HAPPY! And no, my phone does not look like:

It looks like:

Except with silver bling all over it. I'm so happy!!!!1!!


feefifoto said...

Yay Cupcake! Call me sometime.

Anonymous said...

hi cuzinpoo this is ur (only jk jk jk) frendsies!!!!!! we miss u!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


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