In Which I Am Half Asleep

I'll be honest. I feel a little silly typing "bighannahmontanafan" into my search bar when I want to get here, to this very blog. But I think the name is as much a part of me as any one of the posts I've written since I was 8 on this blog.

I'm not in the best mood to write a blog post. I'm tired, grumpy, and angry at one of my teachers. (How am I supposed to major in English in college like the rest of my family if I hate my English teacher?) But that's beside my point. I'll talk about something more cheerful.

Today was my first choir performance since we went on our summer trip. I'm pretty sure I wrote about that, we went to Wisconsin to be in a choral directors' (I think that's the proper grammar, correct me if it's not) festival. It was really good to be back in uniform after a long hiatus. Our performance went first, and I think we did a good job. Of course, we were followed by the two cutest groups of the choir and the most accomplished group, so we were the obligatory broccoli and they were the preferable steak and potatoes. But whatever, it was still fun.

I'm supposed to be writing an 1800's-style newspaper about Harriet Tubman right now, but I'm way too tired to do that. So I decided to come write something here instead.

Our seventh and eighth grade play is this week. (Again, I don't know if I've said this before) My character is Ruby, the goofy double-agent sidekick.

My family went to see Book of Mormon last week. My cousins and my grandparents hated it, but my mom and my brother loved it, and we've been singing Hello for the past couple of days. It's a really great show. The story is wacky, but the singing was spectacular and so was the dancing. I highly suggest you see it if you have a South Park sense of humor. If not, don't see it, you'll hate it.

I think I'll leave you at that because I'm quite tired and should probably get out one or two more sentences about Harriet Tubman before I go to bed. Good night!

And now it can be stuck in your head, too.


Stacie said...

I know how hating English teachers feel, believe me.

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