My New Webkinz: Stan The Manatee

Yes, and it was all my idea. Ms. Witty's and Big Pain's suggestions were: Paul Newmanatee, Speed, Dash, Manny Tee. Anyway, this is my new Webkinz, Stan the Manatee. I thought that was pretty obvious. He is an underwater pet. That is very cool. I was aiming for an underwater pet. I asked for Ms. Witty's and Big Pain's advice. I had the choice of a Bottlenose Dolphin, a Blue Triggerfish, a Fantail Golfish, a Clownfish, and of course, a Manatee. They liked the manatee. I went with that.

I like Stan!


feefifoto said...

Stan the Manatee!! I get it! That's very clever.

I still like Paul Newmanatee.

Hannah Fanna said...

Ooh! How about "Enroll" mom?

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