The Letters Keep Coming In, Along With The Occasional Illustration

Cupcake is a faithful correspondent. I get letters, her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins get letters, and her friends get letters. Many of these letters are even illustrated, in case we can't get the message from the words. For example, a couple of days ago Cupcake's grandfather got a letter consoling him for being grandchild-free, with an illustration of a miniature pie, complete with steam, to represent the pie that Cupcake will make for him after she comes home. This year, for her grandfather's birthday, Cupcake gave him a membership in the Pie of the Month Club, indicating that she will bake a pie for him every month throughout the year. Cupcake loves to bake and she loves to experiment with new recipes, but I have a feeling that every month's pie will be lemon meringue, since that is her grandfather's favorite.

Cupcake and her brother, Big Pain (her words, not mine) will be back home in less than two weeks!


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