What Can I Do When I Can't Think Of Anything To Say?

I know!! I can invite a guest poster! And here she is:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, puppies and kitties, Cupcake's mom is proud to present


Also known as Cupcake's Little Friend

Dear Cupcake,

Hi, it's me, “Piglet” (your little friend). I hope you are having fun at camp. I really enjoy getting your letters. Do you get homesick while you’re away for so long? Sometimes I get homesick when I spend the night at my Grandma's, because I miss my home. But I hope that someday I can go to sleep-away camp too, and not get homesick.

I have read almost all the books on my summer reading list and now I am looking for more good books to read. What are some of your favorite books? When I’m done writing this letter, I am going to go back to your blog and feed your fish some more. It’s really fun to feed the fish. I miss you.

Love, Piglet


GiGi said...

You won yet another meme on my blog! http://gigi-ellesig.blogspot.com/2011/07/chocolate-covered-writing.html

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