Harry Potter!

Last night I watched the eight Harry Potter movie with a friend. It was, you know, a delight. We were enjoying it and giving each other random trivia. (Did you know that in 1/3 of the scenes that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are featured in, they are wet?) It was fun. So at the part where various teachers and Mrs. Weasley are using charms to make a barrier around Hogwarts, it shows people watching them, and it show the Weasley twins. And it's dramatic, except for... THERE ARE FOUR EARS IN THE SHOT INSTEAD OF THREE! THEY COMPLETELY DISREGARDED THAT ONE OF THE TWINS LOST HIS EAR!

And then I'm watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV, and the fourth movie is on. And it has scenes that aren't in the movie put in, and one of them is right after Beaubatons and Durmstrang (I think I got the names right) walk in, Hogwarts starts singing their school song! It's funny.

I love how everyone gets into it except for Malfoy.


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